One of the advantages of the system is that it can be managed fully digital, but it can also be organised without any digital support.
The concept of the IIB Model can be successfully applied in both situation, and this flexibility can be helpful when digital options are not available.

The stages of the procedure are:
1. Planning
2. Surgical Guides
3. Surgery
4. Instant Implant Bridge Model
5. Instant Implant Bridge

The IIB Planning is extremely important, as it will provide all the information that will be used in the surgical stage and in the subsequent restoration phase. It can be done following a Standard protocol or alternatively a Digital protocol.
The standard planning consists in a full denture set-up of the arch involved in the treatment plan. If a patient has residual teeth it could be useful to have a try-in of a partial set-up that could help to individuate the ideal aesthetic, midline and OVD.
Then the residual teeth will be carefully removed from the plaster model and the full set-up is completed. The denture set-up must be mounted on a rigid base, and the extension of the rigid base should follow the …

In the digital planning the set-up of the denture is done in a CAD software. We use Exocad, setting the teeth as full anatomic pontics. The residual teeth – if present – are digitally removed, and the set up is linked with a full denture base.