Custom Abutment

Custom frameworks in cobalt chrome are milled when a PFM restoration is required.
The advantage of a custom milled framework layered in ceramic is to have a one-piece restoration. That option is suitable in case of restoration with a cantilever that could be risky for a zirconia framework.
The framework is designed in Exocad, milled in house and layered with specific metal ceramics.

Custom T-bases

Custom T-bases are recommended in case of deep implant position.
The option of a custom Ti-base is useful when the position of the implant is very deep in the bone and the use of a normal Ti-base would create the problem of a long zirconia neck that has an high risk of fracture.
A custom Ti-base can be designed for a single case, but series of abutments can also be organized if a customer has specific needs.

Titanium Bases

Zirconia on T-base is our standard in screw retained restoration.
The implant crown is designed in Exocad. Our policy it to use genuine parts. Exceptions are discussed with the client before proceeding.
In case of extreme angulation (30 to 45 degree) our choice is Dynamic Abutment Solution, a Company that provides reliable solution without compromising the quality.