Smile design

Smile design is a wide concept. It includes everything that is done in dental technology on a daily base.
A new denture is the outcome of a smile design, as like as a full mouth restoration with fixed crowns or veneers. In the last few years the Digital Smile Design has been pushed forward as an interesting marketing option. The goal was to provide the patient with an immediate visualisation of his prosthetic options without having to wait (and to pay) for a wax up made from a technician.
Every crown and bridge at Q-Lab is digitally designed and we can provide mock ups or PMMA template to assess the design before proceeding with the final restoration. All the designs are processed in Exocad and Exocad Smile Creator.

Implant Planning

Here at Q-lab we have a valuable experience in the planning of full arch implant restoration for the open surgery (not fully guided) techniques.
In 2016 we presented in Singapore the first version of our technique, that since then has evolved including a full digital protocol. We offer to our customers a full kit that allow them to place the implants and to fit a full mouth screw retained temporary restoration in 24 hours. Different options are available.
On the fully guided side, we are proud to be one of the first Australian laboratories to be equipped with the new Exoplan software.
Ready to plan your first implant case?