Zirconia Monolithic

We are especially proud of our monolithic zirconia full arches. The design and the choice of the materials are the focus of our technical choices. Every full arch is a sculpture and a piece of art, with an affordable price. The bridge is made with high quality zirconia multilayer material, with a 1200 Mpi flexural strength. The staining is done with the state-of-the-art colouring systems (Ivoclar IPS Ivocolor®, Noritake FC Paste Stain®, GC Initial Lustre Paste®, MiYO®). The gingiva is not build in composite but is  ceramic layered, to give the bridge the best long-term stability. Our protocols have been made and tested by our Laboratory Director. Here the tutorial video.

Zirconia Layered

If you have a special patient that requires a fully customized experience, there is no reason to give up. The zirconia layered bridge is the product that can solve the issue. While the mayor part of the patients of big rehabilitation is oriented to perfect “Hollywood” smiles, someone could require a more natural and mimetic solution. The layering of the zirconia framework can help in this direction. It is a difficult process that not many ceramists can handle, but the outcome is outstanding. We are happy to assist in this challenging situation, giving you the peace of mind of being in expert hands.

Immediate loading

Several options for immediate loading of implants are available. The timeframe and the treatment plan are the turning point between one or another solution. When a short turn around is required (no more than 24 hours) the best solution is a fiber reinforced bridge, that can be with card teeth, milled ones or in a single resin block (depending from the space and the planning). A full PMMA milled bridge is also a great option, especially when the case was fully digitally planned. Having 72 hours available, a classic Acrylic Hybrid can be an option for a long-term solution.
For single tooth immediate loading in the anterior area, there is also the interesting possibility of using the original tooth of the patient for the temporary crown. An explanation of the process can be found in this article.

Acrylic Hybrid

Being able to mill in house titanium and cobalt chrome metal bars allow us a fast turn-around for the classic acrylic wrap around hybrid. Although our first choice for full arch implant restoration is the zirconia monolithic bridge, in some cases the Acrylic Hybrid solution is advisable. For example, in occlusion with a zirconia bridge in double full arches cases. The “old fashioned” bridge with card teeth (Ivoclar Phonares®, Heraeus Premium® or Vita Physiodens®) is the standard option, while advanced CADCAM alternatives are available and can be discussed.